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Post: 10 Reasons to Get a CryoFacial Treatment

If you are looking for a non-invasive and painless way to have healthier, younger-looking skin, then you may want to consider a Royal CryoFacial.

Are you looking for a non-invasive and relaxing way to improve your skin and reverse or prevent signs of aging? If so, you may want to consider a Royal CryoFacial. Although we have successfully performed thousands of CryoFacials, this beauty treatment is relatively new. It involves exposing the skin to a very specific range of cold temperatures that have shown to be effective in reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles as well as improving the appearance of droopy skin. However, that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Read on to find out the Royal CryoFacial’s other mind-blowing benefits.



So, what exactly is a CryoFacial?

The concept of using cold temperatures to benefit the mind and body is not a new one. However, the applications in the beauty industry are relatively new. Some of you may have heard about the viral videos of dunking your face into an ice water bowl to set makeup or reset the nervous system in times of stress. We have all heard of ice baths, Cryo chambers or saunas, and cold showers as having positive effects on the mind and body, but what about our skin? Different temperature ranges have different effects on the body, but there is a very specific range that has been proven to stimulate the formation of new collagen and elastin without damaging skin or our precious facial fat pads.


During a Royal CryoFacial, a licensed esthetician will prepare your skin with a double cleanse that will leave your skin buttery smooth just from this very first step, and then get right to the cold part. (We will first do a skin evaluation and make sure you are a good candidate for the treatment. Recent ablative treatments and botox & filler can be contraindicated.) We then apply an anti-freezing gel containing hyaluronic acid to help the Cryo wand glide gently over the skin. We always include the neck! It’s the number one concern we see from our clients who want to lift and tone their skin! We spend 10 minutes on either side of the face and a couple of extra minutes right under the eyes if requested. We have perfected just the right patterns, speed and pressure of maneuvering the Cryo wand, and the perfect cold temperature to maximize the benefits from this amazing treatment. We follow the 20-25 minutes of Cryo with a very relaxing facial massage, and then proceed with our signature detoxifying facial steps including lymphatic drainage and serums according to your specific skin needs. We help you relax even further with a shoulder and neck massage. When we combine all of these steps with our relaxing atmosphere, you leave feeling like a new you!


What are the results like?

Most people see results immediately, but it does take time to build that new collagen and elastin, so results continue for a few weeks. We have found that each Cryofacial builds on the last one, so most people like to do a series for best results. Our clients report seeing a more youthful appearance with all of the following:


Diminished fine lines and wrinkles
When we keep the skin within a certain temperature range for a certain amount of time, the dermis “thinks” an injury is happening. This causes the dermis to start producing more collagen and elastin to “heal the injury” taking place. We are definitely not causing an injury, but the cold temperatures trick the dermis into healing mode. Since our body is so brilliantly adaptive, we recommend doing a series and then taking a break before going into a maintenance program to maintain all of our progress. Just like working out, if you stop, you lose your progress. The goal is to ramp up that collagen production and keep it going.


Smaller pores

Conditioning the pores to go back to their normal size does take time. The skin has to heal the years of damage that has occurred, but repeated treatments support the reconditioning of the pores to get closer to where your genetics say they should be.


Tighter-looking skin

New collagen and elastin fibers being laid inside of the dermis causes a plumping effect that helps to lift sagging skin. We are not doing surgery, but most clients do see a noticeable difference, especially with a series of CryoFacials. On that note, even surgery is not permanent!


Brighter under-eye area

While there are many different things that can cause dark circles, many of us see dark circles as we age due to thinning of the under-eye skin, which causes shadows to be more prominent and blood vessels to be more visible. Cold has been shown to constrict the blood vessels to lessen their appearance as well as stimulating collagen and elastin to help thicken that skin again. We cannot reverse dark circles completely, but we can reduce them and have other treatments that can help as well.


Less puffiness and inflammation

Cold temperatures have been known for centuries to help fight inflammation and thus puffiness. Less puffiness is wonderful for those who have eye bags, but if you are prone to puffiness in your face, your face will generally look slimmer after a CryoFacial. Some puffiness is also due to excess lymph fluids, which is why we do some facial lymphatic drainage as well. Less inflammation is also great for those who suffer from Rosacea and some types of Eczema. Studies prove this as well.

Less acne outbreaks

Cold temperatures can help inhibit sebum production for those who are acne-prone, which can help prevent breakouts. Less sebum means less clogged pores, which means less acne and blackheads. The anti-inflammatory effect also helps reduce the bacteria’s ability to take hold and create acne lesions. When we combine this with our detoxifying steps afterwards, you get a winning combination of preventing breakouts.


Enhances skin toneand texture

Another benefit is increased circulation so that your blood vessels can deliver nutrients more efficiently to the skin. More nutrient delivery gives you better quality collagen and elastin and gives you a more youthful appearance overall. Circulation is our biggest battle with aging as we get older, so doing all the things to increase circulation is key! We have a very unique approach to the CryoFacial here which will not only give you the benefits mentioned above, but will also help to enhance your skin tone & texture. This benefit is always seen immediately from our very first cleansing step and then enhanced with the benefits of the cold, the massage, lymphatic drainage, and serums to match your unique skin needs. You’ve never had a facial quite like this before.

Final thoughts


While CryoFacials are incredible treatments and we do amazing work here at Royalty by Rachael Holistic MedSpa, we know that one of the most important steps is what you are doing outside of the treatment room. We can work our magic, but you definitely have to do your part as well. This includes staying hydrated, proper at-home skincare that our estheticians can help you with, eating a healthy diet, managing stress, getting enough sleep, and getting a reasonable amount of exercise. Our skin shows what is going on inside of our body, so it is imperative that we treat our bodies well in order to have amazing skin. If you are ready to give CryoFacial a try, call us or click our booking link. We look forward to treating YOU like royalty soon!

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