Royalty By Rachael


Royalty by Rachael was born out of a passion to create the most exquisite spa services. Rachael, a 15-year beauty industry veteran, mother of 3 and Ms. Texas International in 2014, combined her love for beauty with her love for helping people become and stay healthy.

Rachael Lynee
Founder & Owner

Rachael Lynée

This whole beauty business is really all about YOU. How can I help YOU achieve the look you want so you can save time and money getting yourself ready every day? How can I help you feel more amazing and more confident? The whole concept of this spa is beauty from the inside out. We want get to the root cause of your skin issues, and bring about lasting healing and change in your body that ultimately results in healthier, younger-looking skin.

CryoSkin and other esthetic treatments can also help save you money on costly procedures to help with loose sagging skin and wrinkles. Let’s knock 10 years off of your skin to help you feel young and beautiful! You deserve it!​


The Team

Royalty by Rachael isn’t just Rachael. We have an experienced and qualified staff ready serve you. It’s time for you to take care of you! You deserve it!

Royalty By Rachael Team
Corina Love
Permanent Make Up Expert Corina Love
Permanent Make Up Expert

Corina Love

Permanent makeup can help save you time by freeing you from having to shape your brows every day or put that eyeliner on just perfectly. It can help you save money on makeup products that you won’t need anymore!​


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