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Post: Awesome Reasons to Give CryoSlimming a Go

Looking to slim down in a hurry? CryoSlimming may be the solution for you! This new weight loss treatment is showing amazing results for people looking to lose those last few stubborn pounds. Here are 10 reasons why you should give CryoSlimming a try.


What in the World is CryoSlimming? 

What in the World is CryoSlimming?
CryoSlimming uses a proven fat-freezing technology to get rid of fat cells permanently. Fat cells freeze in a very specific temperature range that does not hurt the skin or surrounding tissue. When these fat cells freeze, they die, and your lymphatic system gets rid of them. Most other fat reduction machines merely shrink the fat cell. Fat-freezing permanently gets rid of them. This doesn’t mean you can still eat McDonald’s every day, but it doesn’t mean that this treatment is permanent.

How Does CryoSlimming Work Wonders for Your Body? 

1. Painless

CryoSlimming is painless unlike many other fat reduction procedures out there. Surgery is painful. Liposuction is painful. Even CoolSculpting is very painful! All of these painful procedures can damage internal organs, damage the skin, damage nerves, and leave you with long-lasting or permanent side effects. CryoSlimming gets cold enough to freeze the fat, but not cold enough to damage your skin. We use an anti-freezing gel-infused membrane to cover the skin and then strap paddles to the areas we want to treat. All you do is lay down, relax, and get skinnier!

2. Minimally Invasive

CryoSlimming is not invasive. We get you comfortable on our super cozy massage bed, clean your skin, apply the gel membrane, strap the paddles on, turn on the machine, and let you either fall asleep or chat your head off. We also love to offer a mini facial add-on to help you relax even more and leave you glowing after your treatment. We watch our machines closely to make sure they are getting to the correct temperature range so your treatment is as effective as possible. We are not aggressively sucking your skin into the machine like some do, which can cause damage to the skin and internal organs.

3. More Cost-effective than Plastic Surgery

Surgical and invasive procedures can be $10K and up. One area of Cryo Slimming starts at $400 and there are discounts offered with packages as well as a first-time discount to try one! All surgical procedures also require follow-up or additional procedures to achieve the desired results. Surgery is not permanent, and that’s something they don’t always tell you. We continue to age, and our bodies continue to change, so nothing is ever permanent. More surgeries in the future make your initial investment for surgery way more expensive than what you initially pay. We do know that freezing kills fat cells permanently, but we also know that the body is very intelligent, and it is possible to regenerate those fat cells over time. That is why it is so important to maintain a healthy diet and lifestyle following your CryoSlimming treatments, so that you do not regenerate new fat cells. You can make your fat-freezing process permanent, if you take care of yourself! 

4. Quick and Long-term Results

Most people see results from CryoSlimming immediately after the very first session, especially if they come hydrated. Hydration is key to getting the lymphatic system to flush the dead fat cells out. The healthier your lymphatic system is, the better your results will be and the faster you will see those results. Walking is another key factor to getting that lymphatic system moving so you can see fast results: at least 30 minutes per day. Since we are freezing fat cells, which is the only known way to actually eliminate them, not just shrink them, CryoSlimming is considered permanent. The fat cells that die off, do not stick around to grow again, do not move to a new area, and they do not come back. It is possible for the body to grow new fat cells, but that is why taking care of yourself is key to maintaining your results. Your results will last a very long time if you are committed to your health and well-being. While exercise is not required to see results, it will enhance and speed up your results. Losing weight with diet and exercise alone can take quite a long time. CryoSlimming can get you to your goals much faster. And the CryoLean360 machine that we use can help you see results even faster than other fat-freezing technologies due to the EMS function of this machine which stimulates the muscles. So, you are getting a light workout while freezing fat! Studies show that muscle stimulation also helps shrink fat cells. Amazing!

5. Swift and Stress-free Appointments

Each slimming session is only 35 minutes long, so you can be in and out quickly and go about your day since there is no down-time. It is easy to make an appointment from our website or by calling the spa. We aim to be as low stress as possible! We also offer the ability to save money with packages, so that you don’t have to worry about spending more time to pay for your appointment each time you come in. Walk in, relax while getting your treatment, and get back to life. It’s that easy. 

6. Improves Blood Sugar Levels

When you start to drop your body fat percentage, your blood sugar levels begin to regulate better. The reason for this is due to how the body responds to insulin as you lose fat. Excess fat cells release compounds that are harmful to the pancreas, which starts to become more of a problem if your pancreas has to make a lot of extra insulin due to excess glucose. The pancreas has to make two to three times more insulin in those who are overweight than those who are at a healthy weight, which puts an extraordinary strain on the pancreas and can cause damage to this vital organ. Losing weight reduces many of these problems, so by getting rid of excess fat, you are helping your body improve blood sugar levels by putting less strain on your pancreas. CryoSlimming cannot reverse diabetes, but it can help you on your health and weight loss journey. 

7. No Recovery Time Required

It is very easy to get a CryoSlimming treatment and go right back to your life. There is absolutely no downtime. The most that people notice is some slight sore muscles from the EMS technology, pink skin from the cold temperatures, and cloudy urine as the lymphatic system starts to flush. All of these side-effects subside very quickly.

8. Enhances Metabolism

According to a NIH study, “A direct link is shown between weight loss and improvement in metabolic diseases such as hypertension, blood glucose, lipid profiles, sleep apnea, and comorbidities such as non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, polycystic ovarian syndrome, infertility, type 2 diabetes, etc.” (Farhana, 2022)

While we are not causing significant weight loss with CryoSlimming, the fat loss experienced does help with your weight loss efforts. Building muscle also helps you to burn more calories, effectively boosting your metabolism. The EMS technology in the CryoLean360 does stimulate the muscles and give those muscles a workout. Working out the muscles leads to a growth in muscle mass, and more muscle mass means you burn more calories. Winning!

9. Increases Muscle Tone and Shapes Your Body

The ElecroMuscular Stimulation (EMS) technology stimulates the muscles to help with muscle tone. Better muscle tone helps your body take on a more youthful shape and also helps restructure your skin from the inside out. Even further, the cold temperatures stimulate the dermis in your skin to start creating collagen and elastin to repair an “injury” that your skin thinks is taking place. More collagen and elastin leads to less sagging skin, reducing wrinkles, and tightening the skin. While it is not as dramatic as surgery, you will notice some great results over time. It takes some time to reverse damage!

10. Proper Fat Distribution

Some people feel that they put fat on more in certain areas than others. We can target those problem areas with CryoSlimming and EMS with the CryoLean360 machine to help you have a more even fat distribution that you feel is more aesthetically pleasing for your body.

How Much Does CryoSlimming Cost?

CryoSlimming is much more cost-effective than other procedures out there. Liposuction, Coolsculpting, weight loss surgery, and other types of procedures are tens of thousands of dollars. CryoSlimming starts at $400 for one area and you get great discounts if you decide to do a package. It is very affordable.

What to Expect During the Procedure?

At your first appointment, we will do a proper assessment to make sure you are a good candidate, take your measurements, and before and after photos so you can see the difference one session makes. Then, we get you comfortable on our insanely comfortable massage beds, clean your skin, apply a skin protecting membrane, strap the paddles on to the desired treatment area, turn on the machine, and gradually get you into the temperature range while we monitor the whole process. Each subsequent visit is much quicker since we don’t have to do the whole assessment and measurements each time. It is painless and many people feel recharged after their visit due to the deep state of relaxation they get into during their treatment. 


CryoSlimming is a safe, cost-effective, and pain-free way to target stubborn areas of fat that just don’t want to go away no matter what you do. It has indirect health benefits, is considered permanent, and will help you feel more confident in your skin. We would love to see you to determine if CryoSlimming is right for you! Please call us or book your first session on our website to give it a test run. We will be happy to answer all of your questions and look forward to seeing you soon!

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