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Post: Microblading Frequently Asked Questions

Microblading is a hot trend right now. There are tons of YouTube videos about good and bad experiences, so I get a ton of questions about it all the time. The following questions are what I hear the most. If you have a question to add that you don’t see here, please feel free to contact me or leave a comment!

What is Microblading?

Microblading is a way to achieve natural-looking eyebrows for those who don’t have much (or any) brow hair or those who just want brows that are more full or filled in. It is a manual semi-permanent makeup procedure where tiny needles, which make up a small blade, are used to deposit pigment underneath the top layer of the skin. We do not use a tattoo gun, and pigment is used instead of ink to make natural-looking hair strokes and/or a powdered look.

Do you use disposable tools or sterilize them?

YES! Most of what I use are one-time use disposable items. I also thoroughly clean, sanitize, and sterilize all of my reusable tools. I even use sterile water during the procedure. My sterilizer is a high-pressure steam autoclave, which is used in many hospitals and dental offices. I have an incredibly high standard of cleanliness due to my background working in various hospital and healthcare settings.

How do I prepare to have my eyebrows Microbladed?

I have a detailed article all about this topic. Please CLICK HERE to read it.

Do you really have to get a touch-up? What is the purpose of it?

Yes! Some natural fading will occur during the healing process after your initial procedure. This happens because some parts of the skin may take pigment better than others. If you have very oily skin, you may need two touch-ups. We fix all of this fading in the touch-up as well as any areas you may want to shade or add a few more hair strokes. This touch-up must be done 6-12 weeks after the first procedure if you want your brows to last a long time.

Does Microblading hurt?

Most of my clients say it doesn’t hurt or that it just stings a little, but it depends on your pain tolerance. I use very good numbing creams/gels and will make sure you are as comfortable as possible. Some people are good with just pre-numbing and others need to be re-numbed throughout the procedure.

How long does it take to have Microblading done?

This depends how how much hair you naturally have and if we are also doing shading. However, I always say to allow for 3 hours for the initial procedure and and hour-and-a-half for the touch-up. Most of your first appointment is spent meticulously mapping and measuring to make sure you get the most perfect symmetrical brows that you LOVE before we start with the actual Microblading.

How do you make Microblading last as long as possible?

When you come see me, I will give you these printed directions and an after care kit to use on your brows following the procedure, which we will discuss before you leave. These directions also discuss long-term care to prevent fading as much as possible. HINT: Wear a good facial sunscreen after they heal!

Do you use INK or PIGMENT?

I primarily use BioTouch pigments which are some of the highest quality pigments on the market today. The color fades less than others and stays true to color, so you don’t have to worry about your brows turning blue or grey. I custom blend colors for each client according to their hair color, skin type, and personal preference. I do not use ink and only use pigments designed specifically for Microblading.

How much does it cost?

Full price is $550 which includes all aftercare supplies. I also require a $150 perfecting session. It’s a two step process. I do occasionally run specials, so make sure you are following me on social media! A non-refundable $50 deposit is required to hold your spot which is deducted from your final total.

I found it cheaper somewhere else. Do you price match?

No, and please be VERY CAUTIOUS when getting cheap Microblading! Oftentimes cheap materials are used, because good supplies are expensive! If cheap needles are used, they can tear and damage your skin and leave scarring. Cheap pigments may also be used that don’t last or turn funny colors. Sanitation & sterilization are also a HUGE DEAL to avoid infection and transmission of disease! Sterilization equipment and maintenance are not cheap! Remember, you get what you pay for! Cheap cost usually means cheap results or infection that you end up paying to fix later!

Are you supposed to tip a Microblading artist?

That is entirely up to you. While it is never expected, it is always appreciated. As artists, it is one of the highest compliments we can receive. The only thing better is referrals! 🙂

Help! I had Microblading done somewhere else and HATE IT! What can I do?

It is possible to remove Microblading pigment following a less-than-desirable procedure, but you must act quickly! Call me for an appointment to see what your options are. You will need to wait at least three months before having Microblading done again after trying to remove pigment. Before you try to remove it, feel free to send me a photo or arrange a meeting with me to take a look. I may be able to touch them up for you. Contact me.

Can I have Microblading done while I am pregnant or nursing?

No. Microblading falls under the state tattoo regulations, so this is not allowed due to risk of infection.

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