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Post: What is Lash Lifting & Tinting?

A lash lift and tint is kind of like permanent makeup for your lashes. It doesn’t thicken you lashes like mascara, but it darkens them and gives them a nice natural curl so they appear darker and longer. We begin with cleaning your lashes to get any excess residue, but please remove any makeup ahead of time to avoid being charged a removal fee. After cleansing, we treat your lashes with a five step process:

STEP ONE: Secure the lashes on a curling pad with a gentle kerati-infused holding serum

STEP TWO: Lash Lifting Lotion is applied to soak the lashes for 5-10 minutes

STEP THREE: Lash Setting Solution is applied to soak the lashes for 5-7 minutes

STEP FOUR: Lash Conditioning and Strengthening Solution is applied to soak for 5-10 minutes

STEP FIVE: Lash Dye is applied to soak for 10 minutes

Step Four is left out of a lot of lash lifting and tinting processes, so if you go elsewhere, make sure they are applying something to help strengthen your lashes! If not, you could be causing damage!

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